Interested in volunteering at Negwegon State Park?

        Interested in volunteering at Negwegon State Park? Our volunteer program is in development but would include the activities listed below. If want more information about volunteering, please call the Harrisville State Park (989-724-5126) to leave your contact information indicating the type of activity that interests you.


        With more than 10 miles of trails, more than 7 miles of beach, and 4 primitive campsites, we need many volunteers to keep an eye on the conditions of the trails, beach area, and campsites in Negwegon. A volunteer would be assigned a portion of the park to monitor each season, would pick up any trash and would submit a brief report on the condition of the designated area.

Invasive Species

        Several invasive plant species have been identified in the park. A volunteer project may include mapping the species location within the park (using GPS), assisting with the removal of specific plants in targeted areas along with monitoring effectiveness.