How can you help with these projects?
Visit the volunteer page for specific information about the volunteer opportunities of each project.

Project Partners
Negwegon Friends seek partnerships in each project we undertake. We currently partner with the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, Huron Pines, Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary, Sunrise Garden Club, Jesse Besser Museum, and Alcona Schools on projects that share their mission.

Student Education
We partner with the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative in supporting Elementary and Secondary student “Place Based” educational projects in the park.
We supported a three year student lead interpretive sign project that involved researching, developing, designing and installing interpretive signs in several spots in the park. We support student field trips to the park each year.

We have initiated Adopt-a-Trail project that gives a volunteer the opportunity to “adopt” a portion of the hiking trail system or shoreline. Details about how you can “adopt” is found on the volunteer page of this site.

Invasive Species
We are working with the DNR stewardship plan to map, identify and control invasive species that threaten the unique natural plant and animal communities as well as the cultural features within the park.

Dark Sky Preserve
We are in the process of seeking to have Negwegon designated a Dark Sky Preserve Michigan State Park. The DNR parks and recreation division is working the process.

Event Shelter
We are currently seeking grants to construct a sheltered structure to be used for general information about the park, flora and fauna, cultural, historical, and archaeological interpretation. The spectrum of users: casual visitors, student groups, dark sky program users, marine sanctuary divers and boaters, Friends of Negwegon, researchers, and stewardship users. The Sunrise Garden club has generously supported this project for a numbers of years.

Hines Emerald Dragonfly Grant
Working with Michigan Natural Features Inventory and the DNR Stewardship Division a two year grant to identify and map the Hines Emerald Dragonfly, a federally listed species, larval habitat. Invasive species mapping and control to reduce the impact on this threatened species is also support by this grant.