Friends of Negwegon State Park work together to preserve, protect, and promote Negwegon State Park through stewardship, education, and research.

The Friends of Negwegon State Park is a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of all users of Negwegon State Park. 

The organization strives to be a supportive friend by assisting the Michigan DNR/Parks and Recreation Division in its mission for the park. 

Our vision is to preserve the wild and pristine beauty of Negwegon State Park for now and for future generations of plants, animals, and people.

We are a non-profit, voluntary Association incorporated by the State of Michigan. Our mission is to “Preserve, Protect and Promote”  Negwegon State Park.  The Park comprises 2,469 acres including almost eight miles of undeveloped Lake Huron shoreline located within Alcona and Alpena Counties.  Within the Park are four distinct topographical zones: 1) dunes and swales,  2)bogs, 3)grasslands, and 4)upland deciduous forests.  Access is by way of a seasonal road or by water.  Notable features of the Park include rare birds, mammals and reptiles, endangered plants and trees,  pre-historic native American ruins and off-shore ship wrecks.

Membership in our Friends’ Organization is open to the public.  For a membership form, please click here.